Stratosphere Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Uber-Lyft pick-up & drop-off point

The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is a famous hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. This hotel has a designated area for Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

Pick-up point:

Customers using Uber or Lyft must go to the back entrance of the Stratosphere Hotel to get a pick-up from their driver (see photo).

Drop-off point:

Customers using Uber or Lyft must go to the main entrance of the Stratosphere Hotel to be dropped off. The Uber or Lyft driver should not use the taxi or valet lane.

Uber Lyft Pick-up Drop-off Point Stratosphere Hotel Las Vegas

Please note that all pick-up / drop-off points are indicative and are subject to change. tries his best to keep pick-up / drop-off points updated at all times. If you want to notify us about an incorrect pick-up / drop-off point please contact us.