You can now use UberPOOL in Las Vegas – And it’s cheaper then UberX


From the beginning of november 2016 Uber riders in Las Vegas can now choose another option besides UberX, UberXL and UberSELECT. It’s called UberPOOL and it’s even cheaper then the already cheap option called UberX.

How does UberPOOL in Las Vegas work?

First, you select the UberPOOL option in the Uber app when requesting a ride at a hotel in Las Vegas. When you have done that, there is a chance that you will be sharing your journey with another Uber rider who is travelling on the same route you are.

UberPOOL in Las Vegas is the cheapest Uber option available

When you share a ride you will split the cost up to 50% less than UberX. But when you are requesting a short trip through Uber you should consider if you want to pay only a couple bucks more for a convenient, fast ride, without any stops or that you really want to pay less. In the end it’s always up to you if you want to use UberPOOL as it is the cheapest option available in Vegas or pay more for the other Uber options you can choose from! 🙂

The downsides of using UberPOOL in Las Vegas

Is it too good to be true? Hell no! But there are a couple downsides using UberPOOL. If you order a UberPOOL ride in Las Vegas then you must take in account that your ride could be longer than normal. Sometimes the Uber driver has to take a detour to pick-up the other Uber rider. Another downside is that you could be sitting next to a smelly and drunk stranger, which certainly could be a possibility because it’s Vegas (lol). Other than that, you’re good to go!


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