What is surge pricing?

Uber’s surge pricing in Las Vegas means that Uber riders will pay more for a fare then they would do normally. It has everything to do with supply and demand. When there are many people requesting an Uber at the same time, at the same place, this means that there is an increased demand for Uber drivers at that place.

What is Uber Las Vegas surge pricing?When there is surge pricing in Las Vegas, you can check the Uber-app to see how much more you will pay. For example this could be: 1.2X or 2.2X times more. So when you have a fare what would cost you $10 without surge pricing, you will pay 20% more if you have 1.2X, so that’s $12. When it is 2.2X you will pay 120% more which results in $22. Only when you see the lightning bolt in the Uber-app this means there is a surge.

Standard Uber fare rates and prices could change fast

Uber is continuously calculating the supply and demand rate and because of that standard Uber rates could change very fast, especially during peak hours. You can compare surge pricing with hotel prices. When there is a big event going on like CES or EDC this attracts tens of thousands of extra people who are all in the need of a hotel room. That’s why prices for a room are exploding. When hotels know they will be fully occupied, why not ask a higher price?

What will I pay when there is surge pricing going on in Las Vegas?

That’s hard to say. It really depends on what time and location you are requesting an Uber, combined with the total Uber drivers driving around you. If you don’t want to pay more when there is surge pricing in Las Vegas, you should wait and look a few minutes later if surge pricing is going down.

What if I don’t want to pay for surge pricing?

If you really want to leave your location, you might want to use public transport or just order a cab. Sometimes using a cab is cheaper then using Uber, but that really depends on how high the surge pricing is at that time.