Become an Uber Las Vegas driver

Are you interested in becoming an Uber Las Vegas driver? Here you can find everything about what it takes to be an Uber driver.

Uber Las Vegas driver requirements

  • You are 21 years or older
  • You have 3 years or more driving experience
  • You have in-state car insurance in your name
  • You have in-state car registration
  • You have an in-state driver’s license
  • You have a Social Security Number (because of a background check)

Uber Las Vegas background check

The company called Hirease will do a background check on you. Be aware you should not have any

  • Criminal history
  • Fatal accidents
  • Reckless driving
  • History with driving without a driver’s license or insurance
  • Driving under the influence or drug-related offenses

How to become an Uber driver in Las Vegas

Uber Las Vegas car requirements

The Uber Las Vegas car requirements depends on which car option you want to be driving for Uber Las Vegas. You can choose for UberX, UberXL or UberSelect. You can read more information about the different car requirements on the Overview of Uber car options page.